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Yoni Steaming is an ancient feminine practice women all around the world do to heal, balance, rejuvenate the vagina. Use our Pussi Steam for your at home Self Vaginal Steaming with ease and minimal cleanup.  **THESE ARE NOT LOOSE HERBS **  PLEASE ADVISE, THIS PARTICULAR BLEND IS NOT INTENDED FOR ANYONE PREGNANT, or EXPERIENCING OR HAS A HISTORY OF ANY ESTROGEN RELATED CANCERS***

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 Expires 6 months after receiving. Do not use after 6 months  

OMG! Everytime i steam, my pussi gets so soft and feels so loved. She purrrrs all night. I feel really clean and calm afterwards. I crave the Steam Monthly.

Boil some water. turn heat on low & Steep this Potion for 20 min. Pour into heat safe bowl and squat over to enjoy the steam. Don’t submerge vagina into water!! 

Steam for 15-25 Min.

Then lay down afterwards for at least 45 min and stay wrapped up..
Yoni Steaming is the best self-date night <333 Love the Pussi. It May Help to 

Improve Circulation 💃🏽
Anti-Viral/Bacterial 🙀
Restore pH Balance 👻
Strengthen the Uterus 🤰🏽
Balance Hormones 😩
Detoxify The Liver ✅
Eliminate Cramps/PMS🌙
Increase Fertility 👶🏽
Promote Vaginal Moisture 💦
Increase & Sustain Libido #Sex Drive ⬆️ & so much more... What does your Pussi Need?

#1 Womb Detox 🌍


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