Fertility Deluxe ✨
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Fertility Deluxe ✨

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Do you Believe in Magic? We do. The power of abundance can manifest in many ways. Stay open to creating the best for yourself and you’ll receive even better. Inside of Fertility Deluxe are my favorite potions for detoxification and feel amazing. These are listed below 👇🏽


1) 3 Month Supply of Pussi Tea ✨

2) 3 Pussi Steam ✨

3) 1 Month of CBD Infused Detox Tea ✨

4) 1 Month of Maca Root Supplements ✨

5) Liquid Gold (Nutraburst) Multivitamin ✨

6) White Candles ✨

7) Fertility Bath Tea ✨


If you have any questions about this bundle, please reach out to us via email 👉🏽 PussiPotions.com 


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