How I Lost 30lbs in 30 Days 😅

How I Lost 30lbs in 30 Days 😅


It was Winter 2019, I prayed for 2 things, A drop-ship business and to Lose 5lbs. 😩 The previous 11 months had me burnt out, over weight and overwhelmed! My business, took off! After years of crickets, We had thousands of sales and clients! I worked day and night figuring out how to fulfill orders while keeping happy clients and maintaining the magical integrity of each potion.

However, I felt like crap. 🙁  I was excited my business was growing, but my self-esteem was not. I gained so much weight that I felt foreign in my body. My clothes didn't fit and the only thing comfortable was a hoodie and leggings. 

One day I was scrolling on Instagram and saw a woman advertising Lemon Tea that could help you lose up to 5lbs in 5 Days. Oh baby, SAY LESS!!! I NEEDED that IMMEDIATELY.

When I weighed myself, I was 160lbs and I couldn't believe it! There was NO way I'd been working out for months and was STILL 160lbs. See...I was going to the gym, but the weight wasn't leaving. Intuitively, I knew I needed something different. And all i wanted to lose was 5lbs..... 🤞🏽

Needless to say I bought that damn tea and joined the company as a distributor. 😜 'Cause lets face it, If these products worked as good as everyone claimed, people would buy them from me AND since it's a drop-ship company, I would NEVER have to ship a product!!! All i saw was a Gold Mine, lmao. Anything to help me FEEL better. 

Guess what? I took that tea! (and the vitamins in the cute orange bottle) The first week, I took the BEST SH*TS of my LIFE. Looking back, It suppressed my appetite so I stopped eating all the things that contributed to miss thicky. Rice, Pasta, Sugar, BREAD.. and Every single day I walked 30mins - 2hrs. I awakened excited and full of energy. My bloating was down down down too. I ran to the innanet chile.

My first week, I went live sipping tea and told the folks what I was doing. The next day, I got my first Kit order!!! That week, I sold a few more products too. Let me be honest, I was TERRIFIED before sharing because the products are way higher than my average order price, but apparently my clients trusted my results and needed to lose a lil weight too. So! I kept posting. 

It's been 2 years since I started this new wellness journey and I have not only maintained my weight at 130ish, but we've grown a community of people of people who love wellness too! We built a team of over 150 distributors all over the US, South Africa and even the Bahamas!! WOW. It's so important to me to share this because I had NO idea these products would impact my life in such a powerful way. But it did and continues too, daily. 

If you're skeptical, just try it, the worst thing that can happen in my opinion is you'll have to give away your wardrobe :( oh what a "bummer" lol.  

I started with this Kit right here 👉🏽 Relax, Remove, Replenish Kit  and then added NRG to my daily regime for Energy, Mood and Focus. However, Below are the Top 10 Products I recommend for weight-loss, energy and stamina. 


1. Iaso Tea 


This Tea is my babyyyyy. I love the flavor and in my opinion, it's the most effective blend we have. On my channel, theres a video of exactly how you should take this tea for best results. 

2. Nutraburst

After detoxing, you need to Replenish Your Body with Vitamins. Yes you'll feel more energized because it's packed with nutritious fuel! This is the reason why my hair is growing like the black Repunzel chileeeee. I'm almost waist length! 

3. Resolution Drops 

If you need help with cravings, this one will be your bestieeeee! BUT BEWARE, follow the FREE Meal Plan that comes with it. If you eat anything fried, greasy or oily it can upset your tummy and make you gain weight....... just pay attention to the guide. 

4. NRG

ENERGY, MOOD, FOCUS. Do I need to say anything else? BUY IT! The to-do list gets done honey! Never felt anything like it. And let's not get started on my mood. The attitude is positive, K? K. Oh! and there's no crash or jitters. 

5. Delgada Coffee

Coffee has never been my thing, unless it was a Frap. IYKYK. Mushrooms weren't my thing either until I realized you couldn't taste them in delgada lololol. Yup, Delgada is a Mushroom Coffee and as your fellow "Please remove the mushrooms" girl, I can't tell. Maybe I'm addicted to this coffee, maybe not. Just know, I add a Hazelnut creamer thanks to Ayo from, @BossyBruja on IG. A lil whipped cream and get to sippin' ahhhhhh. I love Delgada lol.

6. Alleviate

When you're starting to get active, your muscles could be tense. Let's face it, those high-school gym requirement days are long gone lol. Alleviate is an herbal infused topical that assists in pain relief. Fun fact: Rub your tummy with Alleviate, put on your waist trainer.. Then do your workout. Sweat on 103820482972408! Thank Me Later. 

7. Gut Check

For the Folks that don't want to use our detox tea, this baby will still help to clear you out. The Flush is very thorough with this one. 

8. Complex

A Travel Essential. Hands down Incredible for your Immune System. When I travel, I usually have issues adjusting to climate changes. Now that the world is open again and we're traveling. This is a great supplement to have in your wellness tool box. 

9. Chaga 


The KANG of Mushrooms. Just google the benefits and come back to me. Sike, here's a few Truly the most diverse little fungus to grow alongside the bark of a tree. I usually take open the capsule and pour KANG into a splash of warm water and take that baby to the head. Trust me, it works. 

10. Sea Moss 

Not only is my seamoss DELICIOUS. It comes in convenient packs for you to have on the go. It's infused with Coconut, Dragon Fruit and Aloe. Great for skin, digestion and your immune system. 

Note: When You tap the images, You will be re-routed to my full Detox Collection. At the top of the screen, You'll see my name and photo. If you don't, please exit out and re-visit with this link to shop. TAP HERE I appreciate you for choosing me to be your wellness plug.

But Wait!! Before you go on your Wellness Haul, I have some advice.

1. Dedicate 6 Months

Dedicate at least 6 months to your wellness transformation. It takes time to Transform, be patient with your body. Results Vary from person to person. Have realistic expectations for your situation. If you're not ready to give up the cookies and wine it may take a tad longer. You may not be able to fully commit right now and thats okay! I want you to enjoy this process and NEVER compare your journey to others. 


I was too embarrassed to take pics, but i promise you, it will help you to see your progress way better vs the scale or mirror. You'll be soooo proud of yourself and you'll want to show the world how you did it!

3. Turn on your SmartShip

Once you've found your favorite products, turn on your smartship! Mind is currently for Nutraburst, NRG, Raspberry Iaso Tea and Delgada Coffee. I remember running out of Nutraburst one month and I felt it too. I've dealt with low energy levels for years, but when I took Nutraburst, I noticed my body feeling so active! Turn on Your Smartship. Set it and Forget it, it's the best investment you can ever make. Feeling good is the Key to Happiness in life. 

If you have any questions, theres a chat box on the site to help you better navigate. 

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